Freelance PPC Services


Here you can see the variety of biddable media services I can help with, whether you’re looking for a one-off audit, ongoing consultancy or fully managed advertising.

Google & Bing Search Advertising

Running search ads is about so much more than choosing some keywords and writing great ad copy these days. With Google & Bing constantly launching new advanced features, you need to create competitive advantage by using the right campaign structure, ad extensions, audiences, bidding strategy and much more.

Paid Socials Advertising

Paid social advertising is so much more than boosting a post on Facebook! From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat, there are specific ad formats which can help you better achieve your objectives. Whether you want to drive sign-ups, footfall into your stores, or online transactions, paid social can help. Using your data you can target or exclude existing customers, or find new customers by using lookalike audiences.

Display Advertising

Your display advertising strategy should include targeting your potential customers based on their behaviour and interests. For example, using In Market audiences so your ads show to people who Google know are close to making a purchase within your sector. Looking to try programmatic advertising but haven’t got the budget for Google’s DoubeClick? I can run this for you through Admedo.

Google & Bing Shopping Ads

Shopping ads can see like a dark art because there are no keywords to bid on, and you have less control over your ads. Creating a well optimised product feed and merchant centre account is fundamental to be successful in this ad format.

Remarketing Ads

Did you know that on average only 1% of people who visit a site will take action (e.g purchase or sign up) on their first visit? That’s why you need remarketing. Stay front of mind when your potential customers are browsing competitors websites. Worried about annoying customers with your ads? Don’t be, because setting a frequency cap will ensure they never see them too often.

App Advertising

Whether you want to drive more installs of your app, or more usage and engagement within it, app advertising can help. I’ll craft the right strategy for you, from Apple Search ads to help your app appear higher in the app store in relevant searches, to Facebook app download ads, and display app engagement campaigns.

Agency Partnerships & White Labelling

Are you an agency looking for a PPC freelancer? I work with a number of agencies, either through white-labelling where I fulfil work on their behalf, or through lead referrals.